Rental values

Arrival and departure
The arrival and departure day are free to choose. The rented house is available as from 16.00u on the day that the rental period starts and should be left before 11.00u on the last day of the rental period. We ask you to plan your arrival between 16.00u and 19.00u. If this is not possible, please inform the letter of the expected arrival time. If the client doesn’t inform the letter about this on time (at the latest before 12.00u on the day of arrival), extra costs can be added for reception out of these hours.

Terms of payment

In principle, booking has to be done via internet (email). However you can also book over the telephone or by fax. Above mentioned booking manners are binding for the client. You pay 20% of the total rent in advance to the letter. You pay this amount immediately when you make the reservation and it can be transferred from Belgium or Holland on or account. Within ten days after reservation you will receive the rental agreement and all necessary documents. The remaining sum is to be paid at last 4 weeks before arrival on the above mentioned account. When you make a reservation within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the whole sum should be paid immediately when you do the booking.

Number of people

The maximum allowed number of people is described above. When booking, you should pass on to us the amount of people that will occupy the house (including babies and small children). Should there be any changes, we expect the tenant to inform us about this.

Smoking inside the house

The owners appreciate no smoking inside the house.


Pets are not allowed inside the house.

Bed clothes and linen

Blankets and duvets are always available. Also sheets, pillowcases and towels are at your disposal. Fresh bedclothes and towels are provided twice a week. In order to guarantee your rest, we supply spare sheets and towels, so that, if needed, you can replace these yourself during your stay.


The final cleaning of the house is included in the price. We do expect you however to leave the house in a neat state: to wipe the floor (we will do the mopping), to do the dishes, to take off and collect the bed clothes, to empty the bins and to remove the rubbish bags.

Annulment by the client

Annulments should be confirmed to the letter over the telephone and in writing. Annulment costs until 4 weeks before the start of the rental period amounts to 20% of the total rent. From 4 until 2 weeks before the start of the rental period this is 50% of the total rent. Annulments within 2 weeks means that you are due to pay the total rent. You can take a cancellation insurance for this. Next to that, we advise you to also take a travel insurance.


During the stay the tenant is responsible for the house, the design and all things that belong to the rented object. Any possible damages caused by any of the tenants should be immediately reported to the owner or the contact person. Before departure, the owner or the contact person is allowed to check the accommodation. In no case the letter can accept to be responsible for any damages or discomforts in whatever form or for whatever reason, instead of the tenants or others who are in the rented house.

LV 2013